Results from the Senior Tournament

at Franklin Lanes!


Mens Singles 77+ HANDICAPPED


1st: Gerald T Campbell Sr (722)

2nd: Hal L Turner (710)

3rd: Ervin A Decker (688)

3rd: Thomas L Farr (688)

5th: Robert G Bullington (675)


Mens Singles 70-76 HANDICAPPED


1st: William J Ohning (726)

2nd: Manuel F Castro (690)

3rd: Charles W Harper (679)

4th: Jerry J Weigand (645)

5th: Donald R Miles (627) 


Mens Singles 64-70 HANDICAPPED


1st: Raymond A Brower (799)

2nd: Michael R Seller (747)

3rd: Daniel R Allen (732)

4th: William B Wood (719)

5th: Chester P Mabrey  Jr (712)


Mens Singles 57-63 HANDICAPPED


1st: Steven L Vandiver (718)

2nd: Warren Couto Jr (671)

2nd: David M Ward (671)

4th: Wendell R Kell (651)

5th: John W Seyffarth (635)


Mens Singles 50-56 HANDICAPPED


1st: Edward A Richter (737)

2nd: Steve T Majors (685)

3rd: David P Hriso (682)

4th: Allen R Gentry (681)

5th: Kenny W Barkley (632)


Womens Singles 77+ HANDICAPPED


1st: Sue M Harlow (686)

2nd: Delores A Allen (674)

3rd: Beverly R Koressel (664)

4th: Diane O Campbell (638)

5th: Carol P Wytovak (637)


Womens Singles 70-76 HANDICAPPED


1st: Alyce P Dulin (698)

2nd: Linda L Blake (656)

3rd: Sandra Blum (636)

4th: Carol A Parks (612)


Womens Singles 64-70 HANDICAPPED


1st: Betty J Jeffries (689)

2nd: Sandra K Stremming (688)

3rd: Missy A Schonabaum (673)

4th: Mabel F Hawkins (668)

5th: Jackie L Miles (662)


Womens Singles 57-63 HANDICAPPED


1st: JoAnn Proctor (755)

2nd: Janice I Hattabaugh (732)

3rd: Janice M Walker (680)

4th: Nancy S Horstman (676)

5th: Barbara A Gibson (630)


Congratulations to all competitors and thank you for your participation!